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lifestyle photography

Families, kids, weddings, couples...I want to capture your life. The real and raw moments, because when your kids get older, they will want to remember the house they grew up in and not the humid day you made them wear grandma's sweater in a park and bribed them with ice cream if they would just say "cheese". While I do offer photo sessions in parks or beaches as well as in your home, my approach is a little more organic. We'll make sure we get a couple posed shots but my heart is to capture authenticity. Photography sessions should be fun. I made the decision to focus more on lifestyle photography because I was disheartened by stressed out moms and bored dads. I wanted to make photography fun again. I wanted this to be something people would genuinely look back on with a smile and maybe a happy tear. Because life is a beautiful mess and it deserves to be captured as such. 

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Film and video is something I naturally fell into as a visual storyteller. It adds even more depth to storytelling and I love the challenge that comes along with filming a project. There's so many not-so-great things to watch these days. I want to create opportunities to watch things that move and inspire. This service is offered to families, couples, travel agencies and non-profits. Whatever your story is, we can capture it. Aside from filming your video, I also artistically produce the video into a work of art. Video is also offered as an add-on to my other services with the exception of weddings at the moment. But feel free to follow the link below to see a little into my world of this kind of storytelling...

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humanitarian storytelling

This is my niche. This is the kind of storytelling that makes me feel most alive- when I can meet people from all over the world and connect with them through my camera. This love for the world, its people and its culture has embarked me on adventures to Kenya, Spain, Italy, France, Croatia, Israel, Haiti, Costa Rica, The Philippines and more. It has become my dream to tell stories for those who have no voice and to share God's Creation with the rest of the world. You may ask, "How are you different than a media intern?"...I make sure you get more than images. You get an experience. A REAL story of REAL people. Investment for humanitarian and travel work is based upon each project. To learn more about my unique process, click below...

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creative directing

I've been an artist all my life and the creative juices have seeped into every piece of work I've created. As a creative director, I don't just play the part of "photographer" or "videographer" but I help you put a storyboard together from beginning to end. This is where we talk vision, goals, calls to action, social media, etc... so that your brand or non-profit can flourish into all you dream it can be. Maybe you want to snazz up your Instagram feed with some awesome content so that followers can go from just liking your feed to actively engaging in your brand. Maybe you really need a compelling video for your business but don't know where to start or what you're even trying to say. Whatever it is, let's get together and chat about these dreams and do something to make it happen!

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